Exchanging feedback can be tedious

Articulating good feedback is challenging

Feedback as a habit is overlooked

Meet Captain Feedback! The Slack bot that facilitates quick structured micro-feedback in your team.
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Add Captain Feedback in 10 seconds

Step 1 - Click on the "# Add to Slack" button

Step 2 - Choose the Slack team your list of available teams

Step 3 - Allow Captain Feedback to post direct messages in your team.

Step 4 - Check Slack. You should have received a holler from Captain Feedback! You are all set!

Core Feature

A 2 minutes process that relies on a structured thread of short questions that:

  • prompts the feedback solicitor for just enough context to narrow down the feedback scope.
  • guides the person providing feedback to articulate and structure her recommendations ensure the delivery of specific, actionable and insightful feedback.


    Be part of it. Join us!

    Engage with us at "The Tavern" to improve Captain Feedback!

  • We see "Captain Feedback" as an on-going experiment with a focus on delivering value and the best experience to its users.
  • We listen to our users by offering them a dedicated forum (powered by Slack) where they can share their stories, ideas, and of course...their feedback with us

  • Bring me to Lab! -aka "The Tavern"-


    In order to install Captain Feedback on your Slack team, there is nothing more simple than pushing a button. Click here and authorize Captain Feedback to join your team. Once Captain feedback is added to the team, it will send you a little welcome message to confirm everything is working as planned.

    If you want to uninstall Captain Feedback, just go to https://myslackteam.slack.com/apps/manage (replace myslackteam by the name of your team), look for Captain Feedback and click on Remove Application.

    As of today,Captain Feedback is entirely free for teams of all size!!

    Don't worry about getting your accounting department approval and complicated forecasts with variable charge based on monthly active users. You can start using Captain Feedback right away!

    We may add paid features in the future but the core feedback loop functionality -which is the core of Captain Feedback today- will remain free of charge.

    In order to request feedback, just say "hello" to Captain Feedback in a private message. He will then ask you some details about your feedback ( Who do you want feedback from, what you want to improve and some context).

    To give feedback, you will have to wait to be notified by Captain Feedback. If someone is requesting feedback from you, Captain Feedback will ask you some questions in order to create an actionable feedback. You will just have to answer him and confirm that you want him to deliver your feedback.

    To read a feedback, you will have to wait to be notified by Captain Feedback. If someone gave you feedback, Captain Feedback will send you a private message with all the details on how you can improve what you can work on.

    If you want to remember the feedback loop , you can type "help" and Captain feedback will remind you of the process.

    Captain Feedback believes that feedback is very personal and should stay this way. Only you can see your feedbacks and that is why all interactions with Captain Feedback are happening in a private message and not in a channel.

    Captain Feedback's only job is to help you and your team improve by using micro-feedback on a voluntary basis. Captain Feedback does not want to point fingers and this is why you can only give feedback to someone who requested it.

    At the moment, Captain Feedback is only available on Slack.

    The fastest way to interact with us is to join us on our Slack tavern: Sign me up please!

    If you prefer to email us, you can contact us at contact [at] getcaptainfeedback [dot] com

    Captain feedback only has access to channels you invite it to. That being said, we only pay attention to one thing: direct engagements with @captain_feedback (either via DM or in channels). We don’t store any other data unrelated to our service. For more info on this, check out our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.